What is your Hand Span?

The Hand Span data is this chart was collected at the 2004 MTNA National Convention.
For a discussion of the establishment of the Standards and Zones see Our Research.


Using a ruler, measure your Hand Span and see how it compares with the hands and zones represented in the chart above.  Simply stretch your hand over a ruler and measure in the same way as pictured in the Hand Gauge below.


To make another interesting measurement of your hand see Hand Ratio.

Dr. Carol Leone has an average hand span for a woman of 7.8 inches. Below are pictures of her playing a large chord (E7) found in the Chopin G minor Ballade.  The pictures on the left show her hand on a 7/8th keyboard and the pictures on the right show her hand on the conventional keyboard.

DS5.5®   7/8 Keyboard

DS6.5® Conventional Keyboard

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