Charles R. Walter

Upright Pianos

The Walter Piano Company is building upright pianos with our keyboards. You select the model, style, finish and size keyboard you want.  The DS button on the front of the first bass key insures that the keyboard is the same DS5.5™ or DS6.0™ size being studied at major universities.

Pianos produced by Walter are renown for the richness of their tone and fullness of their bass.  There are only three major companies still manufacturing pianos in the United States; Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, and Charles R. Walter.

You purchase the Charles R. Walter upright piano directly from Steinbuhler & Company.   The style shown here is the Walter Studio Upright. We recommend the Ebony Satin finish as it is the most forgiving in its upkeep.  Our price for the Walter Studio Upright in a Ebony Satin finish is $12,800. This price includes shipping direct from the Walter factory to anywhere in the continental USA.  The pianos come with a 12 YEAR FULL WARRANTY against defects in parts, material and workmanship.

See other Piano Models, Styles, and Finishes
on the Walter Piano web site.  We can build a
DS5.5™ 7/8 Keyboard or DS6.0™ Universal Keyboard for any of their pianos.  Contact us and let us quote for the style, finish, and options that interest you. We will also quote separately for pianos shipped overseas.


Inside the Charles R. Walter upright: Why they sound so good and are built so well

Long Strings:  The Walter uprights have longer strings than any other piano on the market under 51 inches tall. If you thought you needed to buy a 5’10” grand piano or larger to get long strings for a big bass and a full tone, then you need to try a Charles R. Walter upright piano.

Big Soundboard:  The Walter upright soundboard is nearly 2100 square inches of solid spruce.  That is bigger than most 5’8” grand piano soundboards. Long strings and a large solid spruce soundboard are two essentials for beautiful tone in a piano.

Even Touch and Quick Response: The “feel” of the Walter uprights comes from their large studio-size action and their carefully balanced extra-long grand piano-like keys. The Walter upright pianos have the longest keys of any brand of console and studio pianos - over 16 inches.  The keys are individually weighted like the finest grand pianos.

100% Pure Lumber Core: You won’t find any flakeboard, chipboard or cardboard in a Walter piano.  Even their huge soundboard is solid spruce - not laminated - but solid.  The result is a full, rich sound and a handsome appearance.

From the Walter Piano website:
Charles R. Walter explains why every piano produced in his family owned company carry a Signature Of Quality.
Learn in greater detail about the many Unique Design Features built into the Walter piano.
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